Monthly Archives: October 2015

Dangerous gas supply in Plympton PL7

WP_20151017_09_50_26_ProI was called to fit a new gas cooker in Plympton today,   I was horified to see how  a kitchen fitter had removed an old hob and left the gas service pipe uncapped, just relying on a valve,.. There were 4 young children in the house,, they dont know not to play with valves… It had been left like this for 3 days..

Britony water heater repairs Plymouth PL7

Repaired a faulty gas water heater today in Plymouth..PL7…. It was leaking water..    Fixed it with a water section overhaul kit… Boiler was nearly 30 years old but still in fine order….

Chaffoteaux Britony combi repairs Plymouth PL7

Had to diagnose and repair a Britony SE100 combi today.   Hot water delivery was sporadic and unsatisfactory.. I cured it by fitting a new thermister £70 all in..


Baxi inset 2 back boiler repairs Plymouth PL7

Went to repair a baxi inset 2 boiler/fire unit. On removal of fire front, I noticed the original installer, plus any other servicing engineers over the past 13 years had omitted to spot the breach of installation regulation.. Pipe cavity, flue space and hearth had not been packed with rockwool.. The fault was easily repaired by cleaning the spark electrode..

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